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Normally, a second medical opinion would be recommended for any type of diagnosis regarding serious pathologies.

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Health Tourism with Bay Parker Consulting

We have all heard about health tourism in Spain to some extent. We’ve come across the term “medical tourism” in the news or in passing during conversations. However, there are many questions about what this type of tourism entails. Let’s clarify:

Health tourism is defined as:
“Traveling from one country to another with the intention of receiving some type of medical treatment or services.”

turismo salud
turismo sanitario en España

Services Offered by Health Tourism

Being experts in advice and preparation for international health tourism, and especially focused on:

Turismo médico especializado
Aesthetic Tourism
Wellness Tourism
Dental Tourism
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    Specialized Medical Tourism

    Through the best specialists in various fields such as oncology, ophthalmology, traumatology, fertility, and dermatology, we offer a complete plan for tourists who do not find sufficient quality in these treatments in their home country.

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    Aesthetic Tourism

    To meet the needs of tourists seeking to improve their appearance through surgery and considering doing it in Spain.

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  • turismo de salud

    Wellness Tourism

    Health through relaxation, comfort, and rest. Focused on offering a trip that includes spas, massages, etc.

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  • turismo dental

    Dental Tourism

    Most dental treatments can be found in almost any destination, but prices and treatment quality vary greatly from one country to another. Spain is one of the best options for international tourists.

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Spain has a healthcare infrastructure capable of handling millions of euros with ease, and we proudly have numerous health professionals recognized as world leaders in their specialties. The biggest issue is not our ability to provide top-quality treatment and interventions to international clients, but the lack of infrastructure specifically aimed at attending to and guiding this type of tourist

Therefore, we have created a professional network that allows us to form the perfect link between tourists and our healthcare collaborators. We are currently working with professionals from Catalonia, Andalusia, the Valencian Community, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, the Basque Country, etc. Whether to inform and offer cutting-edge treatments with the best professionals or wellness tourism through spas or hotels with such services..

BayParker Consulting

The Importance of Health Tourism in Spain

Within the country’s tourism culture, this type of travel is not well-known. This implies that there is still much to do to supply a growing and high-potential market. When evaluating countries important for health tourism, Spain is not among the most visited destinations. This is surprising, not only because our country is well-prepared to welcome all types of tourists, but also because it has one of the most prestigious medical and healthcare infrastructures in the world.

Despite this, Spain is not among the most visited destinations for international health tourists. However, this places health tourism as a focus for future market niches. It’s worth noting that medical tourism does not seek to take advantage of public healthcare, posing an additional cost to social security, but refers to services provided by private healthcare to international patients.

Nevertheless, we have seen a gradual and significant increase in data for 2017 and 2018. A structure is starting to form, focusing on providing quality services to meet the needs and challenges of this new type of tourism, forecasting good results for 2019 and even better for 2020.