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External Management of the International Department

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Once the decision has been made to prepare our medical center for the care and treatment of international patients, and after planning the necessary steps to adapt the center to these needs, the moment of truth arrives.

Health centers can choose to create a department dedicated to attending to international patients. This department would handle inquiries from different countries, manage appointments and necessary permits, take care of international promotion and client acquisition, and more.

gestión externa internacional

However, this can entail high costs and significant effort to adapt both the center and the staff (multilingual personnel, knowledge of foreign regulations and timelines, etc.). Therefore, many of our clients decide to outsource the international department.

We offer our experienced international team, which will take care of client acquisition, appointment management, resolving inquiries and customer service, accommodation, transportation, and more. This comprehensive, high-quality service ensures professional rigor so that your center does not have to bear these costs.