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Medical Specialties

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Medicine has not advanced at the same pace worldwide. There are numerous countries where it is difficult to find quality treatment and professionalism suited to the magnitude of the patient's condition.

Whether you cannot find a professional to attend to you without an endless waiting list, or there are no clinics capable of performing the type of treatment with minimum medical quality standards, or they are reserved for only a few.

Health tourism focused on specialized treatment allows all patients in a similar situation to find a new way to alleviate their discomfort. Perhaps many of them had not considered the option of being treated in Spain or did not even know this possibility existed.

Our team of professionals will take care of attending to and informing people in these circumstances with all kinds of details so that they know the options and feasibility of treatments for their case in our country.

And if they agree, we will organize a trip where all the details have been carefully considered and addressed. From arranging the necessary authorizations, scheduling appointments with the best available professionals, organizing travel, accommodation, etc.

This way, our patients don’t have to continue worrying about their condition, and we will make their stay as comfortable as possible, helping to solve any problems or concerns that may arise.

Some of the most requested specialties are


We offer the latest medical oncology treatments with the most innovative therapies, including immunotherapy, advanced radiotherapy with SBRT treatments, and proton therapy. We work in centers of medical excellence in Spain, guaranteeing the best care and attention for our patients.

Medical Specialties


We offer the best current equipment and technologies in ophthalmology. Ophthalmology in Barcelona is recognized worldwide, and our specialists are committed to providing the best possible visual care.


In our traumatology specialty, we use the most advanced techniques and stem cell treatments, with the best medical teams in Barcelona and Madrid. We also offer physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to ensure a complete and effective recovery.


We offer fertility treatments in centers with high success rates in Spain and abroad. Our specialists use the most advanced techniques to help couples achieve their dream of becoming parents.


In Barcelona, we have a team of highly qualified dermatologists who offer a wide range of dermatological treatments. We specialize in treating various skin conditions with the highest quality and professionalism.


In the urology specialty, we offer advanced treatments for prostate cancer, male infertility, lithiasis, pediatric urology, and malformations. We have a team of experts who will evaluate each case individually and provide detailed budgets.


In neurorehabilitation, we offer specialized treatments for patients with neurological diseases. We use advanced techniques to improve our patients’ quality of life and promote their independence.

Pediatric Medicine

In our pediatric medicine specialty, we cover all necessary specialties for the care of children. From general pediatrics to subspecialties such as pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, pediatric oncology, and rare diseases, ensuring that each child receives the most comprehensive and specialized care.

Dialysis Centers

We offer access to dialysis centers for patients who are traveling in our country. If you are on vacation and need dialysis, we can provide centers where you can receive your treatment, ensuring your health is managed even while you enjoy your stay.

Evaluation and Budgets

We evaluate our patients’ cases and provide detailed budgets for treatments in clinics in Spain. If they wish to consider other centers outside of Spain, we can offer destinations with which we have previously collaborated and that guarantee the same quality of treatment.

Agreements with Clinics and Hospitals

We have agreements with all the clinics and hospitals in the country, carefully selected to offer the best medical teams with highly personalized care. We take care of all the arrangements from travel preparation, center selection, hotels, apartments, accompaniment during their stay, concierge services, translators if necessary, and post-treatment follow-up.


Contact our team of professionals, and we will promptly provide detailed budgets for your treatment. We are here to help you achieve the well-being you deserve.