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Health Tourism

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Health tourism involves a tourist traveling from their country of origin to another country to receive medical treatment or healthcare. This poses no problem for the country offering the treatment or for the client.

It is an entirely effective option for treating and alleviating all types of conditions or discomfort that might otherwise be inadequately addressed. There are numerous reasons why someone might seek treatments in destinations other than their home country. They might require a type of treatment that is difficult to access or simply does not exist in their country. In some cases, treating their condition in their home country might be prohibitively expensive, making it more affordable to travel to Spain for treatment. Even if the same type of treatment exists in both countries, the tourist might choose to trust higher-quality professionals and decide to travel and receive treatment in one of our certified clinics or centers.

As a health tourism consultancy in Spain, specializing in international patients interested in hospital tourism, medical tourism, and health tourism, we can offer advice with the utmost rigor and professionalism.
Specialized Medical Tourism

This includes clinical interventions or specialized treatments that are usually not available in the tourist’s home country. These services are frequently in demand by clients from Latin America.

Aesthetic Tourism

Aimed at improving personal appearance and achieving unique beauty, with budget-friendly but excellent quality services.

turismo de bienestar
Wellness Tourism

The perfect complement to a relaxation trip, ideal for forgetting problems and stress. Spas, saunas, massages, and wellness centers.

Dental Tourism

One of the best dental options worldwide for all types of dental treatments. Now closer than ever.

Spain: More Than Just Sun and Beach

Many of our international patients may only know Spain for the endless white sand beaches of the Costa del Sol (Valencian Community), like those visitors from various parts of the European Union (especially the United Kingdom) or the United States. However, we have much more to offer, as we have some of the best healthcare professionals in the world, both in clinical medicine and in plastic surgery, aesthetic treatments, and wellness tourism.

Spain does not only offer one type of tourist attraction but a complex structure with all kinds of tourist content available to our visitors. From the famous paradisiacal beaches (which are also somewhat therapeutic) to the most renowned medical professionals of today.

turismo medicinal

Benefits of Receiving Treatment in Spain

There are multiple factors driving health tourism, at least within our medical system. We offer a service of the highest quality and professionalism, with utmost respect for the patient and discretion.

We start with the premise of offering a comprehensive service to the patient, without the need for long feasibility studies and availability checks. There is no need to get lost in seas of information about foreign countries.

We take care of organizing and providing everything necessary for the international patient, so that we can offer a trip with everything arranged, allowing them to access the required treatment and enjoy their vacation without worrying about any details. No more waiting in endless queues in public healthcare.

We have a team of healthcare professionals, experts in international patient care with a professional and empathetic demeanor. They are capable of studying your case and assessing your needs in-depth to offer one or several options to make your trip as comfortable and effective as possible.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your case and receive our advice. When it comes to health, we are clear: The well-being of our clients is our utmost goal.